Arriving... Taiwan

The KaoHsiung international airport is very large. As large as the tiniest hallway in KLIA or Chek Lap Kok Airport. A 2.5 hour flight landed us in this miniature deck.

We hailed a cab to our Evergreen Hotel in KaoHsiung's city centre, just 20 mins away from the airport.

KaoHsiung's traffic was horrible. You can virtually get run over by a car any minute, with the cars dashing across roads beating red lights, and zebra crossings across large wide roads with no pedestrian lights.

Our first meal in Taiwan - Yang Rou Lu (mutton steamboat). Appropriate dish for the cold weather, goes well with the Taiwan Beer too.

One of the many shopping complexes in that area - Sin Guang San Yue, Sogo, etc...
Xin Jue Jiang Night Market - the first of our night market experiences in Taiwan, but nowhere near the last This is the Love River (ok, the river was out of sight in this picture). It was so freezing cold here with strong gusts of wind that we practically jumped back into a cab 5 minutes after getting out of one.

Taiwanese shops are extremely talented at plastering their shops from ceiling to floor with display items, so much that you can hardly find any walking space

How much is that teddy at the window?
The cabby told us that this is pretty well-known historical place. Can't remember why. Nice lights anyway.

Roaming and loitering aimlessly around the city...
Ooooh... this siberian husky puppy looks so cute and sharp Gua Bao, a burger-like delicacy, with pork chop, sweet peanut powder and marinated vegetables... oooh yummy. Arghh, I can't recall what the black bowl of flour thingy is.

Such photo-sticker shops pop up at every corner of the streets

Taiwanese Oh Zai Jian (oyster-egg dish, like our Oh-Jian)
Taiwanese love Arcades eh? They are omnipresent, just like the photo-sticker shops  

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